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Mar. 1st, 2008

Who: Kaitlyn and Tristan White
What: Kaity's being domestic
Where: Their bungalow
When: Friday afternoon, around 3ish
Why: Because Kris' laptop took a long walk off a short pier and she has no AIM access so this is the next best thing
Prompt: Uh, TBD

Kaity had put the twins down for a nap and was feeling a little bit restless, a little bit antsy. She had cleaned up the house a little but it hadn't helped very much. She'd pestered Tristan for a bit, asking him if there was anything he could get her, anything she could do for him and that had kept her occupied for a while. However, she was back to feeling restless, so she'd had the bright idea to try to make some cookies. She and Gage had gotten into a discussion about random things that made them happy when she'd run into him at the grocery store, and he'd informed her that baking cookies was one of the most relaxing things he'd ever done.

So she had opting to give it a shot. She still couldn't explain it, but she'd managed to get flour over almost every surface in the little area of the kitchen in which she was working -- around the stove, all over one side of the island counter and even all over her. Her first batch of cookies were almost out of the oven and she was very excited. They were heart-shaped sugar cookies -- the recipe was borrowed from Gage -- but there was one very important ingredient that she'd forgotten to put into the cookies -- sugar.

The timer dinged, signalling the cookies were done, and Kaity squealed a little in excitement, putting on her oven mitts and pulling the first tray out of the oven.

Feb. 16th, 2008

Who: Ryan and PAIGE
Where: Ryan's place
What: talking
When: last weekend
Prompt: 62. Haunted

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Jan. 4th, 2008

WHO: Lindsey and Chris
WHAT: Dojo Log #1 - Giving Lindsey his vision back, making promises
WHERE: Mountain Dojo
WHEN: Two months ago
PROMPT: 107 - Eyes

As long as you are with me, I will protect you, I'll keep you safe. I promise.Collapse )
WHO: Kaden/Winston
WHAT: Suicide prevention/Comforting him at the hospital
WHEN: This evening, I think?
WHERE: His bungalow, then the hospital
WHY: Because Linds is MEAN!
Holy Mary Mother of God...Collapse )

That's what British people say, right? Poppycock, and wankers?Collapse )
WHO: Jordan, Micah, Anna.
WHAT: The booze fairy visits Jordan and then Micah.
WHERE: Jordan's place, then Micah's.
WHEN: Sunday evening.
WHY: Booze fairy!
PROMPT: 199. Fairies.

Ummm. Hi.Collapse )
WHO: Kaden and Anna.
WHAT: Kaden stops in for a chat.
WHERE: Anna's place.
WHEN: Sunday afternoon.
WHY: Because Kaden is friendly!
PROMPT: 018. Dragons.

Where did you find the body of a bloody dragon, exactly?Collapse )
WHO: Gage and Anna.
WHAT: The first visitation of the booze fairy.
WHERE: Gage's place.
WHEN: Saturday night.
WHY: Booze fairy!
PROMPT: 131. Beginnings.

Fair what?Collapse )
WHO: Alijah and Jordan
WHAT: Horse ride to a private picnic for two & confessions
WHERE: A private cove a little ways away from the main area
WHEN: A few days ago
WHY: Because romance lives on forever
PROMPT: 019 - Horses

It had been a smooth day so far, the breeze light and the sun gentle. There were hardly any clouds as far as he could see, and the ocean was calm. One couldn't ask for a better afternoon.Collapse )
WHO: Alijah and Jordan
WHAT: Dinner date/bonding
WHERE: Jordan's bungalow
WHEN: Friday night
WHY: To kindle their newfound interests
PROMPT: 138 - Dinner

Jordan paced in her kitchen, a little nervous.Collapse )