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WHO: Gage and Anna.
WHAT: The first visitation of the booze fairy.
WHERE: Gage's place.
WHEN: Saturday night.
WHY: Booze fairy!
PROMPT: 131. Beginnings.

Gage could hear Anna stomping along before she finally knocked on the door.

"Oi!" she shouted, "Special delivery! It's the bloody booze fairy!"

Gage hadn't really expected Anna to visit so quickly, so he was caught offguard at the knock on the door. He got up and grinned, walking over to the door and opened it. "Hey! C'mon in!" He stepped back, motioning her inside.

"G'day," she greeted as she stepped inside, lugging a bright yellow box. Red letters on the side annouced only 'XXXX', with the word 'GOLD' in black underneath it. Aussies weren't all that creative when they named their beers.

Anna was a tall woman, dressed in camo cargo pants and a white singlet. Though it was clear her red hair was wild and unkempt, she'd attempted to pull it back into a tight ponytail.

"Right, where should I chuck this?" she wondered, hefting the cube and raising her eyebrows, "Fridge?"

Gage nodded. "Yeah, the fridge works." He motioned to an open entryway. "Kitchen's through there."

He was dressed casually in a pair of swears and an 'Irish I Were Drunk" t-shirt. "So you're from Australia, right?"

"Oh, you're a sharp one, are you?" Anna grinned, lugging the cube into the kitchen and shoving beers into the fridge, "Yeah, I'm an Aussie. You Irish, mate, or is that just a clever shirt?"

The redhead, managed to cram 28 beers into the fridge, and upon leaving the kitchen, tossed one of the two she'd spared at him, "Incoming!"

He laughed. "That and I remember reading it in your journal?" He shrugged. "Nah, it's just a clever shirt. I wish I were Irish though. That'd be pretty cool."

He blinked a little as he suddenly had a bottle of beer flying at him, and he just barely managed to snag it. "Thanks." he said, fumbling with it for a moment. He managed not to drop it though, and quickly popped the top, taking a swig.

"Cheers, mate," Anna said, having a drink herself, "So, how long have you been here?"

She drank her beer steadily, watching Gage with sharp blue eyes. Anna was glad to have someone to talk to that wasn't her boss for once.

Gage shrugged a little, heading over to the couch and sitting down. "I've been here since February." he said. "Kinda feels like forever."

"Oh?" she said, raising her eyebrows, "Not much work comin' your way here? Bloody hell, that would be dissapointing. Whole reason I came here was to get more bloody jobs."

Anna helped herself to a spot next to him on the couch, stretching her legs. Her boots had a military shine to them, as though she'd spent a good part of the morning making sure they were spotless.

"I'm still in training." Gage said, nodding. "I'm only 17, so I guess tehy're waiting until I get a little older? I dunno. I mostly just kinda hang out when I'm not training."

He noticed how shiny her boots were, but didn't know if he should compliment them or not.

Anna raised her eyebrows higher.

"Is this a training facility as well?" she asked, looking surprised, "Bloody hell, didn't know that. What're you trainin' up, then? Double-Oh-Irish?"

The Aussie grinned wolfishly. Gage may or may not have just gotten a nickname.

"Yeah, it is." he said, grinning at the 'Double-Oh-Irish.' He kinda liked that. "At the moment, I'm not really training up anything...just working on controlling my powers."

"Good onya," she smiled, "And what's your claim to fame? I understand it's a regular bloody super power fashion show here."

Gage snorted. "Yeah, it is. My original power was pretty lame. I can see ghosts and talk to them." He shrugged. "Recently, I've got this freaky green ray that I can shoot out of my finger."

"Bloody hell, mate," Anna said soberly, "You need another drink."

She crushed her own beer can and retrieved two more for them, not even asking if Gage wanted a second one. Of course he did!

"So you're like that little bloke in the Sixth Sense, hey?" Anna said, cracking her second beer, "Only with lazers?"

Gage finished his first beer and nodded, taking the second beer. "Yeah, basically, 'cept I don't always see the ghosts in the manner that they died."

Anna made an impressed sound while she drank and nodded.

"And what does the lazer do?" she wondered, "Or is it just for show?"

She made a gun with her index finger and thumb and mumbled 'pew pew' to illustrate her point.

"It blows things up." Gage said, grinning. "It's kinda weird and kinda scary. I dunno where it came from."

"Well that's bloody useful, isn't it?" Anna said, laughing, "If the dead bastards piss you off, can you blow them up?"
That would be her first order of business, if she could blow things up with her finger lazer, anyway.

Gage shrugged a little, laughing. "I don't know." he said. "I haven't tried it on any of them yet. I'm just now starting to get the hang of making it work when I want it to and just when I point at something or flick my hand or whatever."

"You'll be able to charge top dollar for that, I reckon," Anna said, "Not needin to carry a gun. You get decent range with that trick at all?"

She was impressed - that was a hell of a trick.

"Fifteen feet." Gage said, shrugging. He didn't really know if that was a good thing or not. "I haven't really started any official training with it yet. It's been a weird week."

"Not quite a gun, then," she said, "But most guns don't make things bloody explode, do they? Bloody hell. Do you have a mob that teaches you how to use that sort of thing, mate, or do you have to puzzle it out yourself?"

"So far, I'm having to puzzle things out on my own." Gage said, licking his lips. He hadn't told the higher ups yet about his laser. "They don't even know what kind of energy it is right now."

"Wouldn't know where to start on that front," Anna said, crunching up another empty and getting up to get another, "Not a bloody scientist. Bloody awful at that rubbish. How did you figure out you could do it? Accident?"

Gage nodded. "Pretty much." he said. "We'd, uh, just gotten back from a pretty intense mission and I waved my hand around and a green laser ray thing shot out of my finger."

Anna wasn't entirely comfortable with that, but she didn't let it show. Didn't want to unsettle the poor bastard in his own hut.

"I sort of know what you're on about," she said, instead opting to share an experience, "A year ago I was having a hard bloody time targetting this bloke. Couldn't quite get a bead on him, and it was the dead of night. So I squinted hard and suddenly I could make out his heat signature. Took the shot, nailed the bastard, but bloody hell me head felt like it had a railroad spike in it."

She grimaced at the memory, cracking open another beer and setting another in front of Gage, "Funny how things work. Makes you wonder what else is in store, hey?"

Gage snorted a little and nodded, picking up the new beer she'd put in front of him. "Yeah, no kidding." he said, cracking the beer open and chugging down some of it. "So is that your power? You can see heat signatures?" It sucked if that was the case and she got intense headaches because of it.

"Nah, that's me new one," Anna said, "Haven't used it since, gave me a nosebleed and laid me up for a few days. Me eyes are like sniper scopes. I can see 2 kilometers officially, without assistance. Farther with a scope, and even bloody farther on a clear day. See in the dark, too."

Gage blinked, looking at her. "Wow." he said somewhat jealously. "That's fucking awesome." Way better than talking to ghosts...although his laser ray thing was kinda neat too. "Is it like looking through those weird night vision goggle things when you look at stuff at night or is it just like looking at stuff during the day?"

"It's more like seein' things in black n'white, instead of that green shite you see on the tele," Anna said after some thought, "Hard to explain better than that, though. It's just how it's been all me life."

Anna chuckled, "Scares people somethin' shockin' if they come across me unawares in the dark. Me eyes reflect light like a cat."

"Wow." Gage grinned. "I'll have to remember that if I'm ever out at night." He drank more of his beer and then burped. "'Scuse me..."

"You call that a burp mate?" Anna said incredulously. She chugged her whole can and held up a finger. After a moment, she managed a belch worthy of someone with a beer gut, "Ha! Beat that!"

Anna... wasn't very ladylike.

Gage's eyebrows shot up and then he laughed. "Daaaamn!" he said. "That was pretty fucking impressive!"

"Bloody oath it was," she said with a broad grin, "I'm a bloody professional."

Anna got up to get herself another beer, and she didn't even look tipsy yet. She WAS a professional.

"I guess so!" Gage grinned, looking down at his own beer. He wasn't really used to drinking much, so he was starting to feel a little bit tipsy.

"Go on then," she insisted, "Let's hear a real one."

Anna made a 'go on, go on' motion with her hand, slupping beer with the other, eyebrows high and expectant.

He raised an eyebrow and then chugged down most of his beer. He waited a moment and then let out a pretty good belch of his own.

Anna laughed and cheered, throwing her arm in the air.

"All right, mate!" she said, "I'll let yah live, then. Had me worried for a minute."

He grinned and bowed his head a little. "Thank you, thank you." he said.

"So what do you lot do for fun around here?" Anna wondered, enjoying the company, "Much to do in that town I saw nearby? Or is it all business with training and the like?"

"We pretty much do whatever we want." Gage said, nodding. "There's an arcade in town, plus a movie theater and some bars. Of course, there's the beach and if you don't like the ocean, we've got a swimming pool too." He shrugged a little. "Sometimes we have beach parties or pool parties. We just had a dance."

"Hard not to like the ocean where I'm from," Anna grinned, "A dance? That's a bit bloody high school, isn't it? Or was it more like a business thing?"

She grimaced a little. Anna had been to her share of well-to-do army functions, and she hadn't enjoyed them for a second.

"Nah, it was more of a high school thing, I guess." Gage said, shrugging. He hadn't really gone to a high school. "It got crashed though by some villains. People got kidnapped."

"Fair dinkum!?" Anna said, eyes wide, "I guess this sort of place would get some bloody attention, hey? You reckon locking your door at night is a good idea?"

She wasn't the sort who did that, but if crazy buggers were making off with people, she'd find it fairly easy to break the habit.

Gage raised an eyebrow, looking at her. "Fair what?" He shrugged. "I don't really know if locking your door would do any good. I mean, they could just break them down or something."

Still... "You could do it if it'd make you feel better."

"Fair dinkum," she repeated, grinning, "It's like... like 'No shite!', I reckon. Bloody yanks don't know anything."

Anna winked at him, and nodded a little at the rest of his words.

"At least the noise'd wake you up, hey?" she said, "Good to know, though."

"Ohhh, gotcha." Gage nodded, chuckling a little. "Yeah, I guess it would. But yeah...it was interesting. They got to rescue a bunch of people."

"Bloody hell, I hope you got paid for it," Anna said dubiously. She wasn't really the sort to do things out of the goodness of her heart. Maybe that would change if she was here long enough but... she was here for the cash, first and foremost.

He scrunched up his nose. "I was one of the ones taken." he mumbled. "So I didn't really rescue anybody."

Anna laughed.

"Sorry mate, didn't know," she said, "Glad you're in one piece, at least, or I'd be havin' a boring bloody evening."

Gage shrugged. "It's okay." he said. "I mean, it's not your fault. But yeah, it was interesting. The dance was fun until the dudes attacked."

"So who saved your arse?" she wondered curiously.

"My girlfriend and my brother's girlfriend." he said, shrugging a little.

She laughed again, but it wasn't to tease. Anna just found a lot of things hilarious.

"Guess you owe them for a fair bloody while, hey?" she grinned.

Gage nodded. "Yeah, no kidding." he said, snickering. He shrugged a little. "Anyway..."

"Right!" she said, slapping her palms flat on her thighs, "I'll stop overstayin' me welcome. Good meeting you, Gage. You ever want a free drink, you come see me."
Anna grinned and stood.

Gage grinned and nodded. "Alright." he said. "It was good meeting you too! Feel free to drop by anytime."