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WHO: Jordan, Micah, Anna.
WHAT: The booze fairy visits Jordan and then Micah.
WHERE: Jordan's place, then Micah's.
WHEN: Sunday evening.
WHY: Booze fairy!
PROMPT: 199. Fairies.

After a successful evening of drinking with the first bloke to say hello the night previous, Anna decided she'd prey on her neighbors next. She reckoned getting to know as many people as possible would be to her benefit, maybe get her into missions she would otherwise not be considered for simply because they didn't know her.

Besides, drinking with blokes wasn't nearly as fun as with sheilahs.

Jordan would have heard Anna's boots clomping up the walkway before the solid knock on the door.

"Booze fairy!" she crowed, shifting a yellow cube emblazoned with four bright red X's and subset with 'GOLD'. Aussies didn't feel the need to creatively name their beer.

Jordan pulled herself off of her couch and yawned a little. The boots had sounded loudly and she frowned, not recognizing the sound. Alijah's steps were quiet, Micah's were there but not overwhelming, and everyone else was almost silent.

Curious, she pulled open the door, arching an eyebrow at the 'booze fairy' comment. There was a strange girl standing outside. "Ummm. Hi."

"Oi!" Anna said brightly, "I just moved in next door," she hefted the cube of beer cans and raised her eyebrows, "Gettin' t'know me neighbors th'only way I know - offerin' free piss in exchange for some conversation. Me name is Anna, by the way."

Anna's boots had a military sheen to them, covered by camo cargo pants. She was also wearing a grey singlet with big black lettering that spelled out 'A.D.F.', and her fiery and wild red hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail.

She grinned at Jordan pleasantly.

"It's nice to meet you, Anna," Jordan smiled back. She pulled the door open and nodded her invitation. "I'm Jordan. Please, come in."

Jordan wasn't in military dress by any means. She stuck to the usual beach attire and was in a pair of comfortable denim shorts and a white halter top. Her hair spilled over her shoulders in waves, hiding some of the tattoos she had scattered over her skin.

"Thanks, Jordan," Anna said, lugging the cube of beer cans inside and directly over to the fridge, "Hope you like beer, mate. If you don't, I've got some rum back in me little hut."

The Aussie started cramming beer cans into the fridge, pausing to toss a can at Jordan.

"So how long have you been here?" she asked while she stocked the fridge.

"Beer's good," she replied, catching and cracking open the can. She wasn't much of a drinker, but when she did, Jordan wasn't all that picky.

"I've been here..." The shapeshifter paused, counting months. "Since some time in July. Just about four months, I guess. Yourself?"

She honestly didn't know; she didn't get out much these days.

"Yesterday," Anna grinned, coming out into the main room with a beer of her own, "Cheers."

She knocked back some of the beer and looked at Jordan, admiring the tattoos especially, "How're you finding the work, then? Fairly steady? I talked to a younger bloke, Gage, but he reckons he's still in training and doesn't get many missions."

"Yesterday, huh? Well, welcome to the Agency." Jordan raised her can in a small toast.

"Work is fairly easy to come back," she shrugged a little. "I've gotten a few since I've been here. I know I'm scheduled for one next week but they haven't given me any details yet. Depends on what needs to be done and your abilities, I suppose."

"I'm hopin' it picks up quick, for meself," Anna said, "Bloody military had me coolin' me bloody heels for most of the year. Rubbish!"

She drained more beer and flicked at the metal tab, making a tinny clicking sound against the aluminium of the can, "Don't suppose it's too rude to ask after your special talent?"

Gage had insisted that his power was 'lame' compared to the others around the place. If seeing dead people was lame, then she imagined Jordan must be able to do something spectacular.

"I think they give you a little bit of time to adjust," Jordan said with a small smile, working on her beer. She moved and leaned against the countertop in her kitchen that was meticulously clean. For the first time in two weeks she didn't have anything baking or cooking, so the room smelled like cleaner instead of something yummy.

"I'm a shapeshifter," she told Anna. "It's not rude. We all have some sort of ability here."

"Shapeshifter! Bloody hell!" Anna said, "How tits is that, mate!? So is this like, your usual look, or do you just change it every day?"

The Aussie motioned to Jordan with interest, "Yeah, I'd heard everyone could, but I didn't want to presume. I've got built in sniper scopes, meself."

She pulled down the lower lid of one of her eyes slightly to indicate.

"This is my usual look," she replied dryly. "I used to change it on a regular basis but got bored. Decided to just be me for a little."

Jordan laughed a little; it wasn't the first time she'd gotten that reaction and doubted it would be the last. She looked curious at Anna's statement though. "Must make you a pretty good shot."

"Bloody oath," Anna winked, "Two kilometers officially, farther with a scope, and I don't need any bloody night vision goggles. I reckon if I was a shapeshifter I'd wait for scary movies to come out and lurk outside the theatre as the monster. Scare the piss out of people."

Jordan snickered. "I'll have to try that some time. It comes in pretty handy for missions - especially when I just need to gather intel. People see someone they expect to see and don't second guess it."

She polished off her beer and went to the fridge, pulling out another. "My boyfriend has a little difficulty turning into humans. Our bodies work differently with it. So the Agency's been having me work on teaching him rather than work missions. Want another one?"

"Sure, chuck us another," Anna said, crunching up her own empty. She raised her eyebrows a little at the boyfriend statement, "Is it safe to have a relationship in this business? I reckon it'd be more trouble than it's worth. Not that I'm any kind of bloody expert."

The Aussie chuckled at herself and held her hands open to catch her next beer.

Jordan tossed Anna another beer and opened her own. "Pretty safe, I suppose. There's a couple of married couples here, one that's engaged. Some people with kids..."

A funny look crossed over Jordan's face as she remembered the previous weekend's events before she shrugged. "It makes for interesting partnerships, I suppose."

"Bloody hell," Anna mumbled, catching the beer and opening it, taking a swig, "Whatever works, hey? Don't think it'd bloody work for me. Married to me work, if that counts for anything."

She shifted her jaw a little, mulling over what Jordan said. It was all very contrary to her upbringing and her training, but if they made it work, they made it work, no matter what her opinion was.

"Suppose it makes long stake outs a bit more interesting, hey?" the sniper grinned wolfishly.

"High stress situations cause very intense and interesting relationships," Jordan pointed out. "And what else are we supposed to with all of our downtime? There's only so much sunbathing and toying with the locals I can stand."

"I work out and try out new gadgets, meself," Anna shrugged, "I'll be mates with me bloody crew if it's a long haul, but that's military for you. I reckon it's a bit different on contract. Whatever me first assignment is here, it'll be me first outside of the ADF."

She chuckled as she imagined a shapeshifter toying with locals, "What's your best trick that you've pulled? I reckon you've done some bloody fantastic ones."

"Most of my best ones are classified," Jordan smirked a little. She ran a hand through her hair. "Around here though, small things. Broke up some guy's marriage by turning into his wife while he was fucking his secretary. I'll shift into people that I pass by, make them do a double take and think they're losing their minds."

Anna cackled and raised her beer to Jordan.

"Remind me not to cross you, mate," she laughed after a drink, "Bloody brilliant."

Still laughing and shaking her head, Anna flicked at the tab on her beer absently, breaking it off, "So you've got classified work, then? How long have you been in the business?"

Jordan toasted her back, her smirk widening. "I've got a lot more than that under my sleeve. But with your aim, I think I'll follow your advice as well."

She laughed with Anna; the girl's laugh was infectious. "A couple of years."

"Just a couple?" Anna said, crunching up her empty can, taking a turn at beer fetching, "Another? I enlisted at 17 but didn't start doing sniper work until I was 20. Wasn't special ops until 22. You always been contract, Jordan?"

She pulled two beers out of the fridge and mimed tossing it to Jordan with her eyebrows up, just in case she didn't want another one.

Jordan nodded and held a hand out to catch the beer. "Only a couple, yeah. I've been toying with my abilities since I was a small child. I'm only 22. I was going to earlier, but had my son when I was 20 so I waited a while."

Anna looked surprised when Jordan told her how old she was, and even moreso when she told her about her child. Apparently, she had a hell of a lot to learn about the life of a freelance agent. The Aussie chucked Jordan a beer and rejoined her in the lounge room.

"Too nosy to ask after your son?" she wondered, opening her beer and tilting her head curiously, "He a shapeshifter too?"

"No, that's fine." Jordan shook her head. "And no, he's not a shapeshifter. He doesn't have much as far as his abilities go. He's taken after his father more than me."

"He with his father at the moment?" Anna wondered, looking around. She didn't see a crib or anything else that denoted the presence of a two year old, and since mummy was a contract spy, Anna imagined he must have someone looking after him, "Or is that boyfriend of yours lookin' after him?"

Jordan smirked and took a long sip of her beer. She watched the redhead look around, searching for signs of a baby that wasn't there.

"No. I'd imagine he's out with his girlfriend."

Anna's eyebrows slooowwwly crawled up her forehead.

"They're starting young these days, hey?" she said. She'd be inclined to think that Jordan was having a go at her for laughs but... she sounded pretty convincing.

"My son's father is an alien. Somewhere along the lines, between my abilities and his, he experience an...accelerated growth spurt. He's about 20 right now."

It was amusing to watch Anna's reaction but Jordan knew if she were on the other end of the conversation, she'd be calling the other person psycho by now.

The Aussie started to laugh, grinning broadly.

"I'm not pissed enough to believe that, mate, but you had me going," she chuckled, "Good onya. Cheers!"

Anna toasted Jordan's sly humor (or what she perceived as humor) and took a few swallows from her can, "Me father is a kangaroo from the future."

Jordan just shook her head and smiled, finishing her beer. "I tell you what, when you're done drinking with me go hunt him down. His name is Micah. He's just a few doors down. Ask him who his parents are. If he tells you anybody but me, I'll get you a case of beer."

"You're on," the Aussie said. Even if she didn't believe Jordan, she had a good sense of humor, "Lead the bloody way! Oi, wait a tic, we'll need some beers for the road."

She grabbed about six from the fridge and nodded at Jordan to lead the way, her grin nearly reaching both ears.

Jordan shrugged and waited for Anna at the door while she grabbed the beers. "You really don't believe me, huh."

"If you were me, mate, would you believe it?" she wondered, still grinning, "After hearin' about you pulling some bloody good pranks on other people?"

Anna followed after Jordan, aimable as when she walked in. This was all good fun as far as she was concerned.

"Probably not," the shapeshifter conceeded. "Hard to pull someone else into my pranks though."

Jordan shrugged and wandered down the walk towards Micah's bungalow. With a hand on her hip, she knocked on the door and turned to look at Anna.

Anna adjusted her grip awkwardly on the loose cans and watched Jordan expectantly. She was assuming she was just going to turn into a bloke and say 'Gotcha!', but she was open to the possibility of other things. Whatever happened, it was going to be a hell of a laugh.

Micah pulled open his door, his hair dishevelled. He was in boxers and rubbing at his eyes. He saw Jordan with her hand on her hip and his eyes widened. There was another girl there, with pretty red hair, but he was more preoccupied with the look on his mom's face. "Hey mom. Am I in trouble or something?"

Jordan just shook her head and looked at Anna. "Anna, this is my son - Micah. Micah, meet the new girl. Anna."

If Anna had been expecting someone to actually answer the door, it didn't show on her face. Her expression was suitably stunned.

"Get fucked!" she said good naturedly, "This is your mum? And your'e only two?"

The Aussie scooted forward to give Micah a poke on the arm to make sure he was real. This HAD to be a trick.

"Um, hi," Micah blinked and rubbed his arm where he was poked. "Technically, I'm three. But yeah, she's my mom." His gaze settled on the beer. "Sheesh, ma. How much did you drink?"

Jordan rolled her eyes.

"Bloody hell," Anna mumbled, not really sure if she believed it yet, "Dunno if I should offer you a drink, mate, you're under age."

The Aussie looked between them both keenly, trying to find the family resemblance.

"His father lets him drink," Jordan shrugged. "You gonna invite us in or just stand there in your drawers?" she teased him.

Micah blushed and scratched at his torso. "Um. Come on in. And yes, I'd love a beer please."

"So long as you promise not to call the coppers on me," Anna said, heading inside and setting the beers on the counter. She rubbed her arms where the beers had been pressing, warming them up, "So how is it that you act like a grown bloody man, Micah? Three years isn't a very long time, hey?"

The sniper chucked a can at Micah, and another at Jordan. This was turning into a very interesting evening!

"Something about my powers," he told her and grabbed a beer, pulling the tab. "Accelerated learning and blah blah blah. I still blame it on paint chips." Micah snickered a little, grinning widely.

Jordan rolled her eyes and popped open her own beer, settling down on the couch.

"Bloody hell," Anna said, "You're both bloody serious, aren't you? Fuck me, now I've heard everything."

She took a deep drink from her can and came up laughing, "Hopefully whatever grew you up doesn't keep goin, though, hey? I reckon five is a bit early to be gettin' a senior citizen discount."

"Yeah, we're serious. She's my mom. It's pretty crazy. I usually introduce her as this crazy lady I found by the docks..." Micah laughed at that and nodded at Anna's comment. "I'm pretty sure it's done by now. Been the proper age for a few months. Before it was, well..." He looked at his mom.

"He went from 6 months to 6 years in a few months. The young stuff progressed pretty quickly and it started slowing down until he seems, well... I don't want to call him normal 'cos he's anything but."

Anna laughed at their banter - they were definitely related.

"You're lucky, mate," she said, "You didn't have to go through high school."

The redhead winked and raised her can, "Cheers."

Any excuse to drink was a good excuse, as far as she was concerned.

"Nope," he grinned and raised his as well. "It was pretty fucking awesome, actually."

Jordan just laughed.

"Bloody marvelous," Anna laughed, "Last night I met a bloke who talks t'dead wankers. Tonight, a shapeshifter and a 3 year old who drinks beer. Who do you reckon I should meet next?"

"Take your pic. We have aliens, an angel, a werewolf, another shapeshifter... There's a vampire somewhere and a dragon." Jordan polished off her beer and relaxed a little.

Anna chucked her another beer promptly, though there were now only two left, save the ones still in Jordan's fridge.

"Regular bloody zoo, hey?" she said, raising her eyebrows, "I reckon this'll be the best career move I've ever made. Workin' with a mob like this has to pull in some top notch work."

She raised her eyebrows at him curiously, hoping for confirmation.

"It's a pretty interesting place," the shapeshifter nodded. "Like I said - there's a variety of work available. Just depends on your abilities and what needs to be done."

Micah shrugged and nodded, agreeing. "I've only been sent on one. Gathering intel on some caves in Africa." He shuddered visibly at the memory.

Anna nodded, and though Micah's shuddering piqued her interest, she knew better than to ask a perfect stranger to spill his guts.

"Me best work is done from a distance," she said, "But I've worked on a lot of squads in me time. Only a few missions were done solo - so much safer to have, backup, though. Maybe we'll work together sometime, hey?"

Anna was definitely a workaholic.

"Works for me," he nodded his consent.

Jordan, raising an eyebrow, pursed her lips at the conversation.

Anna tilted her head at Jordan a little.

"You right, Jordan?" she asked. Something looked off.

"I'm fine. And once Micah's finished his proper training with the Agency staff, his father, his uncle, and myself, then I'm sure he'll be more than able to go on a mission with you." There was no doubt in her tone that she was a mother.

"Oh god mom. Come on. I did fine rescuing Adrienne all by myself. See? I'm a big boy now," Micah scowled. He finished his beer to prove his point.

Raising an eyebrow, Anna chucked another beer at Micah, opening the last one for herself.

"Best way to train is in the field," Anna piped up, trying to help out, "You can train until your blue in the bloody face, but it's experience that you learn from."

Jordan kept her response to Micah to herself - it wasn't something to discuss in front of company. "We'll discuss this later with your father."

He nodded a little and made a face, looking at Anna. "So. You're the new girl, huh? Where are you from?"

"Australia," she said, "New South Wales, specifically, if you know the region. Sure you've heard of Sydney, at least."

"Yeah, I have heard of it," Micah nodded. "Always wanted to go there..."

"I'd say 'why haven't you' but I reckon you haven't done much traveling in three years," Anna grinned. He was a bit of a novelty at the moment, "It's bloody lovely marvelous. Best beaches in the world, I reckon, but I'm biased."

"I've been to Canada," he offered.

"Never been, meself!" Anna said, "Mostly european countries. Once to America, but that was just for trainin'. You'll get around, in this line of work. Sure you'll find that out sooner than later, hey?"

She glanced at Jordan, hoping this wasn't upsetting her too much, talking shop. It had been hard on her father, when she'd enlisted, so she had some inkling of what it must be like for the shapeshifter.

"It's all I've known," he said quietly.

Jordan nodded with a wry grin on her face. "He's going to be great at it. He's just not ready yet."

"I reckon it's a bit bloody weird to be slinkin' around at three years old," Anna said with a laugh, "But if you're as fast a learner as I reckon you are, you'll be out there in no time."

The Aussie crunched up her beer can and shrugged a little, "I reckon you'll be able to work longer than most before you retire, hey? Lucky bastard."

"It's a little strange," Micah grinned. "But again, only thing I've known. So it's cool. I've definitely learned a lot."

"Well, if you ever want to learn snipin', you give me a ring," Anna grinned, "Goes for both of you."

The Aussie twiddled with the empty cans a moment.

"It was bloody fabulous meeting you," she said, "But I reckon I should let you get back to what you were doin, hey?"

"I will." He looked down at his state of, well, undress and smiled sheepishly. "I was sleeping. Thanks for the beer."

Jordan stood and collected the empties, tossing them into Micah's trash.

"Drinks are always on me if you stop by," Anna said, addressing them both, "See ya."

She smiled at the two of them and made her way for the door, glad for the conversation.

"Good night," Micah grinned widely. "Nice to meetcha!"

"Good to meet you as well, Anna. Sleep well."