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WHO: Kaden/Winston
WHAT: Suicide prevention/Comforting him at the hospital
WHEN: This evening, I think?
WHERE: His bungalow, then the hospital
WHY: Because Linds is MEAN!

kadenusescoke (1:59:46 AM): Kaden walks up to Winston's door, trying not to bounce and flounce too much from her excitement of being engaged. Really, really engaged, not that 'promise ring' crap that teenagers do, but ACTUALLY ENGAGED. She swings the bag of paints to one shoulder--in her good mood, she'd actually stopped to buy him some brushes and a canvas, too--then knocks on the door.

winstonskylar (2:11:07 AM): Winston shook as he dragged the blade down his already scarred arm, the physical pain nothing compared to the excruciating mental and emotional torture he'd been forced into that night. Lindsey didn't care about him. He'd said so. The first person he'd opened up to - been in love with, dropped him. Just like his parents, just like his foster families, his girlfriend... Squeezing his eyes shut he gave himself another tug, the blade digging deeper still. Why hadn't the black come yet?

kadenusescoke (2:15:16 AM): Kaden notices that the door is unlocked, so she pushes it open. "Winston?" she calls out. It's eerily quiet, that bad kind of silence that no house should ever have. She puts the bag down by the door, looking around for any sign of him. "Winston, sweetiepie, I brought you your paints and things..."

winstonskylar (2:26:42 AM): Shaking his head against the draw of the voice coming from his front door, just wanting it to go away. He thought that if he were quiet she would go away, let him die in peace. He was getting dizzy, blood staining his clothes, dripping to the floor. Tears spilled down his flushed face, soiling his shirt, mixing with his drained life fluid.

kadenusescoke (2:34:18 AM): Kaden looks up the steps and sees the bathroom light on, which... well, it makes her heart stop. Dark house, bathroom light on... yeah, this isn't good. She slowly creeps up those stairs, her throat seeming to dry up. "Winston?" she barely gets out.

winstonskylar (2:38:11 AM): Winston pulls at his hair, fighting with himself, his emotions. Everything's telling him there's no reason to stick around, everyone leaves him, no one really cares, they're all liars... The blood from his hands dries on his face where he touches it, wiping the offensive tears away, wondering why it's taken him this long to finally come to grips with the fact that no one cared, they just wanted things, and once they got them they moved on... "Go away..." he grit out, head spinning.

kadenusescoke (2:48:32 AM): Kaden pushes the door to the bathroom open, preparing herself for the worst. Nothing can prepare her for the sight before her, though; Winston, covered in blood, desperate for help. "Oh my God," she says, then goes to the closet to grab as many towels as she can hold. "Winston! What are you doing, Holy Mary Mother of God..." She grabs the knife from his hand, not caring that now the insides of her fingers are ripped open. She throws it out the door somewhere, out of his reach, then takes his arm.

winstonskylar (2:51:52 AM): "What are you doing?" he asks weakly, pushing at her, trying to get her away from him, not even recognizing who it was. He fell forward, trying to find the discarded knife, desperate to end the suffering he'd been in since birth. Too weak to support himself he struggled, slipping on his own blood as he searched for his tool, mind too fuzzy to take notice of the girl trying to save him. "Where is it..."

kadenusescoke (2:57:22 AM): "Saving your ass," she says softly, wrapping the towel around his arm as tightly as she can, trying to stop the bleeding so she can tell if he needs the hospital or not. "Stop," she says quietly to him. "Stop moving, I need to stop the bleeding.. You're gunna be okay, alright? Stay with me, here." She keeps pressing down hard on his arm.

winstonskylar (3:00:05 AM): "Not worth it," he mumbles, eyes slipping closed as everything begins fading, the room darkening, his hearing tapering off, echoes. "I'm not worth it..." he stops struggling, unable to keep it up, body growing too weak.

kadenusescoke (3:03:30 AM): "You're worth it to me." Kaden flips the phone open and dials 911 as fast as she can, trying not to cry. She's still got his arm in a deathgrip but it's not stopping bleeding, he needs a hospital... stitches, a therapist, anti-depressants, all the shit that comes with this kind of stuff. She gives the address, her voice choking up, before looking down at Winston. "Winston, the ambulance is on the way, okay? You're going to be fine."

winstonskylar (3:06:44 AM): Barely conscious Winston catches her scent, eyes still shut against the now unbearable light, undamaged hand reaching out, trembling, finding her arm. "Little one?" he breathed, a spark igniting his memory, her face clear in his mind, even through the ever pressing dark, hand tightening on her arm as if holding on for her sake.

kadenusescoke (3:10:38 AM): Kaden nods her head a little, moving one of her hands to rest on top of his. "It's me, sweetie," she says quietly, careful not to move too much. "You're gunna be alright, I promise. The ambulance is on the way, they'll stitch you back up, good as new." She swallows at the lump forming in her throat; she's scared.

winstonskylar (3:12:57 AM): Even in his state of near complete dark he manages a smile, remembering her kindness, her sweet smile. It was a passing thing as his grip loosened, his remaining blood no longer able to keep him conscious.

winstonskylar (3:17:59 AM): Winston opened his eyes, but nothing was readily recognizable. His vision was blurred, his head spinning. He tried to move, but searing pain shot up his arm, making him hiss and curl in on himself, eyes squeezing shut. Confused and scared his eyes shot open and scanned the room anxiously, breath catching as he worked himself into a panic.

kadenusescoke (3:22:00 AM): Kaden lays at the foot of the bed, asleep on one of the little hospital cots, having absolutely refused to leave when the nurse told her 'family only', since Winston doesn't have any family that she knows about, and the last thing a person on the edge needs is to be locked up in a hospital room, completely alone. So they let her stay there, and she'd fallen asleep while waiting for him to wake up. His stirring causes her eyes to slowly flutter open, though, and she sits up. "Winston?" she says softly.

winstonskylar (3:25:54 AM): Hearing her voice startles him, but his focus changes, no longer so afraid, instead curious. Why was she here? Where was he? "Little one..." he rasped, wincing a bit, throat dry. He blinked his blurry eyes, trying to make out her form, but she stayed a slightly blurred form. It didn't matter, he was used to no vision at all. "Why?" he asked softly, his aching chest filling in his spotty memory. Lindsey had hurt him, deeper than any blade could go.

kadenusescoke (3:28:47 AM): Kaden gets up from the cot, moving to sit beside him. She takes his hand, the one that isn't hurt and bandaged up, careful to keep her engagement ring hidden. Now isn't the time for it, Winston needs to be okay first and foremost. "You tried to kill yourself," she whispers to him. "And I guess I came over right in the nick of time." It's only then that she notices that she's still wearing clothes covered in his blood.

winstonskylar (3:32:22 AM): Touched by her affectionate gesture he moved his hand against hers, comforted a bit by the physical contact. But only for a moment. He could smell his blood on her, just make out the unsightly splotches on her pretty clothes. "But...why..." he whispered, eyes brimming with tears once more, incapable of comprehending why someone would want him alive... someone he'd never done anything for.

kadenusescoke (3:36:18 AM): "What do you mean why?" she asks, her dark brown eyes filled with concern. "You're my friend, friends help each other when they're in need." She gives his hand a gentle, careful squeeze. "What happened, Winston?" She pushes her chair closer to the bed, as close as it will get.

winstonskylar (3:39:59 AM): Embarrassed by her kindness, his blunder, he turned his head away. Tears slipped silently down his face, and his chest ached even further. "Lindsey, he..." he paused, throat closing up on him. "He never cared about me. It was all a lie." He squeezed his eyes shut, but the images kept coming. "I was so... I let him get close. I let myself care about him, maybe more than I should ... but I couldn't he-help myself." he swallowed, biting his lip, "Even after everything, he... he told me he doesn't care."

kadenusescoke (3:43:35 AM): It's very hard not to get angry with Lindsey upon hearing that, but getting mad in a hospital room somehow doesn't seem like a good idea, so she saves it for later. He's going to get it for hurting Winston like that, making him resort to... this. "Oh, Winston," she whispers softly, her free hand moving up to comb his hair back, away from his face. "I'm sorry, honey. I'm so, so sorry he hurt you... but is Lindsey worth this? I don't think he is."

winstonskylar (3:46:41 AM): "I love him," Winston spouted before he even knew he was speaking, and after, he froze. Surely that wasn't true. He'd never known love, never felt loved. How was it he knew what love was? Because upon meeting him, Lindsey had made Winston feel worthwhile, wanted. He'd never had that before. Her hand in his hair had stilled, and he turned his face away once more, frightened by his own admission.

kadenusescoke (3:49:53 AM): "That still doesn't make him worth dying for," she says quietly, her voice filled with a deep sadness. She's lucky; she can only imagine what unrequited love must feel like. Her fingers start to move through his hair again, doing her best to at least physically comfort him. "He's not worth it, Winston, trust me."

winstonskylar (3:53:50 AM): Relaxing under her touch he stares at a speck on the wall across the room, needing something to focus on besides his soul wrenching desperation. "It doesn't feel that way." he told her gently, unable to describe how Lindsey made him feel, just at the thought of him. He'd never known anything like it. He didn't know if it were possible for it to happen again. He couldn't stop feeling it, as hard as he tried.

kadenusescoke (3:57:11 AM): "The sea is big and there's a lot more fish in it than just him," she says quietly. "Especially for a kindhearted man like you. I mean that." She leans over to kiss his cheek gently, wishing she could take his pain away, even for a little while. She looks up at him, sadly.

winstonskylar (4:01:49 AM): Closing his eyes, he could still feel her kiss, it made his skin tingle. "I know... I ... appreciate it but..." he sighed, heart stuttering at the thought of the blond haired man, his golden eyes... "I just can't help how I feel. Before I was afraid, I was angry, but... I realized he made me happy, and ... and now, it was all for nothing. All that worry, all that thought, those feelings, all of it for nothing. I can't... I just can't leave it like this. It hurts to much." he told her softly, hand clutching at hers, his emotions running away with him.

kadenusescoke (4:06:45 AM): "It wasn't for nothing," she says quietly to him, giving his cheek another kiss. "He showed you how to love. If he chooses not to accept it then he wasn't worth it in the first place." Her head rests on the side of his bed. "But at least now you know how to."

winstonskylar (4:11:52 AM): Winston nodded at her words, though he couldn't help but love Lindsey still. It was... frustrating. Painful. That someone could hurt him so deeply and he couldn't dismiss them... He just couldn't. He rolled a bit to his side to face her, feeling tired, weak, in every sense of the word. "I wish I could go back to not feeling anything," he told her in a near whisper, "But then I think of that feeling he gave me, and that wish goes away." he sniffled a bit, feeling the warmth of her body near the bed. He felt like a flower turning towards the much needed sun. "I don't know what to do now."

kadenusescoke (4:16:26 AM): "You keep holding on because someone else is going to come along and give you that feeling too." She takes his hand in both of hers, now. "And they're going to love you, because you're an extremely lovable man. When you do, you're going to look back on what's happening right now and you're going to say," she sits back, doing her best British accent, trying to at least make him laugh. "'Well, bloody poppycock, I'm quite glad I made it out of that little problem! Wankers'... because that's what British people say, right? Poppycock, and wankers?"

winstonskylar (4:20:18 AM): Her impression surprised him so much he was startled by his own laughter, but he allowed it, shaking his head as tears continued to fall. "Quite right little one." he smiled, but it wavered after a moment, then disappeared. "I know you're right, I know but right now..." he swallowed, biting his lip a bit to keep from all out crying again, "Right now it still hurts, so much."

kadenusescoke (4:23:48 AM): Kaden gives him a weak smile, happy that she at least got him to laugh for a moment. "It needs to hurt, so that way when real love happens, you'll be even more grateful for it. It'll be worth it in the longrun." She presses a gentle kiss against his temple. "And you know, the doctors and stuff here? They will help you if you let them."

winstonskylar (4:25:45 AM): Relaxing into her affections he sighed, depressed by the idea of being stuck in the hospital again. "I'm tired of doctors." he told her quietly, feeling sleep tug at him once more. "I just want to go home."

kadenusescoke (4:28:03 AM): "I know," she says softly to him. "But you get some sleep, okay? I need to go home to get some too, but I'll come back as soon as I can. I'll bring you nice smelling flowers to liven up the room, and I'll see if I can bring you your paints."

winstonskylar (4:31:09 AM): Terrified at the thought of her leaving he began to panic, he didn't want to be left alone in the unfamiliar place, so far from home. But... he couldn't ask that of her. Even as he began to ask, he stopped himself, he had no right to ask that of her. But... "Could you... stay? Just until I fall asleep?" he met her eyes, pleading as best he knew how, afraid to be alone.

kadenusescoke (4:33:05 AM): "I intended on staying at least until you fell asleep, silly goose," she says soothingly, settling back in her chair. "And I'll probably be back before you even wake up. Would you like me to bring Nan with me, or no?"

winstonskylar (4:36:15 AM): Eyes widening with something akin to terror Winston's stomach dropped, and he could swear every cell in his body went ice cold. "Nanette..." he spoke her name as if in wonder, shocked that she hadn't been in his mind before... Perhaps it had been protecting him. She was another danger after all. What if she didn't want him either? "I... I don't think she'd understand."

kadenusescoke (4:39:51 AM): 'Nanette's a big girl," she says quietly, giving him a sad smile. "I'm at least going to tell her where you are, so she doesn't freak out when she doesn't see you around."

winstonskylar (4:42:14 AM): Nodding silently Winston frowned, unable to think to hard on it, his fuzzy senses tiring him, the whole ordeal weighing heavy. His eyes began to fall shut though he fought it, and he was out soon after, body trying desperately to conserve his energy.


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Nov. 15th, 2007 05:26 pm (UTC)
((That's interesting, because neither Lindsey or I recall saying we didn't care about Winston last night.))
Nov. 15th, 2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
[I know nothing about that, only what I was told, love <3]
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Nov. 15th, 2007 09:53 pm (UTC)
[Chris is gunna hear about this, too]
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