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What Is This Journal?
This is the Official Mission Logs and Threading community for Sly Life, a RPG about the lives of spies. This is community is friends only.
Quick References:

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Mission Logs - The Official Mission Logs and Threading Community

How To Join
There are two ways to join the game:

THE FIRST: Be recommended in by a current member of the community

THE SECOND: The second is to fill out an audition form.

*Please note that filling out an audition form does not mean that you will automatically be accepted into the game. We reserve the right to reject any audition and not give a reason why. Badgering us with emails and comments will end up in you being ignored. If you ask nicely, the chances are we'll gladly tell you why we declined your audition and give you a chance to either explain or provide us with more evidence as to why you think that you're an awesome writer.